MONADA art gallery
Dubai | United Arab Emirates
masterpieces of worldwide known creators
Our mission is quite ambitious:
we’re obsessed with putting fine art closer. While the capitalization of the traditional art market is declining, we’re building the bridge between institutional art and modern digital world together with you.

Monada Art Gallery provides opportunities for collectors to show their masterpieces, for usual aesthetes to own paintings and take part in a brand new market.

Today we live in a truly amazing age when anyone can legally own original Picasso artworks.
This story of ‘Monada Art Gallery’ dates back to 2021 when the concept of innovation was born.

Meeting consumer’s need for modern service, ‘Monada Art Gallery’ makes art available and understandable for those who wish to witness, to breathe it in and to touch it. Fine art is only the first step on the way to the total availability of art objects to a wide audience.

Our gallery originates in Dubai — the city on the Persian bay famous for its ultra-modern architecture and unbelievable opulence. Dubai was chosen as a perfect location for pursuit of cultural aspirations of classic and modern art. Opened for new experiences and with the utmost respect to traditions — it’s hard to imagine a better place for a promising gallery than this
‘Monada Art Gallery’ pursuits the diversification strategy of the selection. We fulfill the gallery with masterpieces of worldwide creators: selection of paintings is focused on European, American, Arabic and Chinese artworks.

The diversity in artists also means the diversity of risks, as the demand for their works is dynamic. Named list of countries isn’t final yet, it will grow and expand constantly.
Franz Roubaud
Lorenzo Lotto
Jean-Antoine Watteau
Sandro Botticelli
Jacques-Louis David
François Boucher
Anthony van Dyck
Nicolas Poussin
Karel Breydel
Jan van der Heyden
Albrecht Dürer
Lucas Cranach
Pieter Bruegel
Frans Hals
Zeng Fanzhi
Liu Wei
Henri Matisse
Filippo Lippi
Peter Paul Rubens
Gerhard Richter
Frida Khalo
Van Gogh
Andy Warhol
Marc Chagall
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dalí
Physical version of our dream is strictly integrated into the natural life of the city: based in Dubai ‘Monada Art Gallery’ is the first and the only representative of the innovative area where the future and the past exist in symbiosis giving birth to the present
The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
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